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3 Pcs Combo - Oud Hamidi, Oud Harbi, Oud Madavi

3 Pcs Combo - Oud Hamidi, Oud Harbi, Oud Madavi

Oud Hamidi, Oud Harbi & Oud Madavi

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Elevate your fragrance game with the irresistible 3 Pcs Combo - Oud Hamidi, Oud Harbi, Oud Madavi by Noorson. This exclusive collection of attar perfumes is designed specifically for men who appreciate the power of captivating scents.

Immerse yourself in the majestic allure of Oud Hamidi. Let the woody and smoky notes of Agarwood (Oud) transport you to a realm of sophistication and masculinity. With its commanding presence, Oud Hamidi leaves a lasting impression wherever you go.

Experience the bold and assertive aroma of Oud Harbi. Embrace the captivating blend of Spices, Leather, and Agarwood (Oud), as this fragrance evokes a sense of strength and charisma. Oud Harbi is the perfect choice for the modern gentleman who exudes confidence.

Indulge in the mysterious and seductive charm of Oud Madavi. With its intoxicating blend of Oriental Spices, Amber, and Agarwood (Oud), this fragrance creates an aura of allure and magnetism. Oud Madavi is the epitome of sensuality and refinement.

Each attar perfume in this 3 Pcs Combo is meticulously crafted with premium quality ingredients, ensuring a long-lasting and captivating fragrance experience. The compact and travel-friendly 12 ml bottles allow you to carry your favorite scents with ease, ensuring you're always prepared to make a statement.

Unleash your inner charisma and make a lasting impression with the Oud Hamidi, Oud Harbi, and Oud Madavi 3 Pcs Combo. Elevate your personal style and let your fragrance speak volumes about your unique personality.

Experience the power of these exquisite attar perfumes and embark on a sensory journey like no other. Embrace the essence of masculinity with the Oud Hamidi, Oud Harbi, and Oud Madavi 3 Pcs Combo by Noorson.

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We promise to deliver 100% Pure Premium Quality Non-Alcoholic Attar.
Create a real class which will make you distinct amongst many
By using premium quality of ingredients, this attar is absolutely safe for your skin
Enchanting and soothing, this fragrance is sure to impress everyone around you.
The enticing fragrance of this attar is highly long lasting
Use this attar to have a fine confidence all day long and fetch compliments for your choice of attar.
This attar will also be a wonderful gifting option for your loved ones.

Why Noorson?

1-Long lasting fragrance that will catch compliments all day and night long.

2- A perfect gift for any age, gender and occasion.

3- Skin Friendly and IFRA compliant world class Fragrance.

4- Perfect for multiple occasions like parties, meeting, hang-out or a casual meet-and-greet.

5- A classy and distinctive fragrance Made with a mission to refresh all the senses.

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