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What is an attar?

An attar is a highly concentrated perfume oil derived from natural sources like flowers, herbs, and spices, known for its fragrant and therapeutic properties. To know more

How do I choose the right attar perfume for me?

Choosing the perfect attar involves knowing your scent preferences, considering the occasion, and testing the attar on your skin for compatibility.

Are your attar perfumes alcohol-free?

Yes, all attar perfumes at Noorson are free from alcohol, providing a natural and long-lasting fragrance experience without the use of synthetic additives.

Why should I choose Noorson for my attar purchase?

Noorson stands out for its exceptional quality, authenticity, and wide range of attar perfumes suitable for various preferences and occasions.

What is an attar and how is it different from regular perfumes?

Attars differ from regular perfumes by being natural, highly concentrated perfume oils with deep, complex scents obtained from distilling aromatic ingredients.