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Premium Quality Wood Charcoal Burning Bakhoor

Premium Quality Wood Charcoal Burning Bakhoor

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Safe for Indoors

These natural charcoal briquettes or tablets are free from sulphur and other toxic chemical additives. Being non-toxic, it is safe for indoor and daily use. As it do not contain harmful petroleum additives, it burns clean you only inhale the aroma of incense and no toxic smoke. Thus, it is safer for people with respiratory ailments, seniors and children

Slow and Clean Burning

Since these charcoal tablets do not contain harmful petroleum additives they burn slower and cleaner for 2 times longer duration. The charcoal will stay hot enough to burn incense for about 30 minutes.

Perfect for Incense

These multi-purpose charcoal tablets can be useful for burning dhoop incense for your Ibadat, pujas, daily rituals, yoga and meditation to cleanse the environment and surroundings.

The scooped shape of charcoal is suitable to burn dhoop better as the heat will evenly spread to all incense particles without waste.

It burns cleaner and so you only inhale the aroma of incense and no toxic smoke.


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